Infant in Bogor Becomes Indonesia's Youngest Covid-19 Patient

It was not immediately known how the baby contracted the disease.

08 April 2020 | 02:50 PM


Jakarta Bans Gathering of More Than Five People Starting Friday

The capital will follow stricter pandemic restrictions to avoid becoming a breeding ground for Covid-19.

08 April 2020 | 01:24 PM


Minister Encourages Indonesians to Install Covid-19 Surveillance App

The Peduli Lindungi app, developed by state-owned telco Telekomunikasi Indonesia, has been installed by 358,000 users.

08 April 2020 | 05:15 AM


West Java Governor Asks for Jakarta-Style Large-Scale Social Restriction

Ridwan Kamil wants the large-scale social restriction to be extended to Greater Jakarta, which includes three cities in West Java.

08 April 2020 | 03:10 AM


PSI Welcomes New Deputy Governor Despite Abstention

Six out of eight PSI councilors were denied entry during the election after they insisted on live video streaming.

08 April 2020 | 01:53 AM


Jakarta to Limit Private Vehicles on the Road as City Imposes Large-Scale Social Restriction

The city administration can impose the restriction for 14 days and extend it if necessary.

07 April 2020 | 05:58 PM


This Is How Local Quarantine Should Be Done

Village wardens in Hitu Lama and Hitu Messing take matters into their own hand to isolate residents returning from coronavirus-hit cities.

07 April 2020 | 04:10 AM


Research and Technology Ministry Consortium to Produce Covid-19 Test Kit and Ventilator

The consortium plans to produce 100,000 rapid diagnostic test kits within one or two months.

07 April 2020 | 02:52 AM


Indonesia Reports Another Record Daily Spike of 218 Covid-19 Cases

The country now has a total of 2,491 cases with 2019 deaths.

06 April 2020 | 09:12 PM


Syarifuddin Elected as Chief Justice

The Supreme Court is Indonesia's highest court with the final say on nearly all criminal and civil cases put on trial.

06 April 2020 | 07:45 PM